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Byrkjedalstunet is a dream built up by Randi and Daniel Øvstebø.
Surrounded by astounding nature, this is a lovely place to enjoy Norwegian traditions at their best. We take pride in getting all the details right. No wonder an American guest once exclaimed enthusiastically: “this place is just like a miniature norway”

It is amazing what you can create when you dare to look beyond grass and rock. Every house is an original building or has been reproduced piece by piece with authentic historical accuracy. The restaurant was once a local dairy as you can see when you visit us.

You can trust our food – we were there when the beef was born.
Everything served is made with great pride, from scratch. We always prefer to use ingredients from our own farm or from our neigbours.

A surprisingly large interior shop!
In addition to our home made quality candles, this vast shop is stocked with attractive interior details, souvenirs, handcrafted wood, wool designs, sheepskin and leather goods, stones, minerals, local arts & crafts, small scale providers of local preservatives, honey, spices and other delicacies.

365 days of Christmas.
A wide selection of “Nisser”, snow globes, ornaments and pretty decoration pieces can be found in the Christmas attic all year around.

Sweet memories
If you are dreaming of waking up to the sound of playful goats on the grassy hillside, birds tweeting and the sound of a brook. Please treat yourself with an overnight stay in one of our charming rooms, with lovely beds, complete with goose down duvets. Byrkjedalstunet is recommended for families, friends, businesspeople, weddings, celebrations and loving
couples looking for a romantic retreat. Arranging a party, team-building event or something fun and special?

Did you know that Byrkjedalstunet offers great facilities for doing business? That Gloppehallen is magnificently carved out of the mountain to make the perfect space for something grand?

has a grand meeting room with a terrace on the 1st floor and a large common room for socializing on the ground floor with the history of the house presented on the walls.

Randalstølen is like a hunting lodge complete with an authentic wood-fired oven and sheep-skin clad long benches that seat 18.

Bestastova and Bestyrerens kontor share a terrace. Jaktstova is a semi-secluded room a few steps down from the restaurant Ysteriet.

Gloppehallen is truly a unique and majestic hall. It feels like an adventure to be invited into the heart of the mountain whether the occasion is celebration, launching a new product, a seminar or something completely different. The main hall is equipped with a stage, a system for lighting design and other high tech facilities.

We pride ourselves in taking care of every detail. The food is made in our kitchen, from scratch, preferably using our own crop. We know all the details about each Hereford beef as the cattle has been born and raised at our own farm.
Please stay the night! Our hotel consists of several small houses. Each room is fully equipped with TV, wireless network, tiled bathrooms and charming details.

Arranging a party, a team-building event or something fun and special? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call +47 57 67 29 00

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